Reviews from Pathway to a Profession History of the Sydney College of Chiropractic

John Sweaney

AM, DC, DSc (Hon), FICC.

"A must for every clinic!

I was indeed very impressed with the SCC History volume and consider the expression of data, historical information and photos balanced by the collection of graduate reflections presents a very readable coverage of a significant part of the Australian chiropractic story."

Professor Sean Brawley

Head Modern History Department Macquarie University.

"A valuable reference text for students and educational institutions, patients, health professionals, legislators, historians, sociologists and researchers."

Roger J R Hynes


"I am grateful to the members of The Australian Chiropractic History of Education Study Group, Drs Ed Devereaux, Brian O’Reilly and John Cice, who are among the best scholars and devotees of chiropractic history, for taking on the monumental task of recording the history of chiropractic in Australia and more specifically the history of the Sydney College of Chiropractic."

Shirley Strachan

MA (Hons) History (Aberdeen), BHSc (Comp Med) (Charles Sturt).

"An impressive piece of work and invaluable reference on the political developments around Australia and the challenges presented to the evolving chiropractic profession. Nicely balanced and personalised with the contributions from individuals."

Warwick Bateman


"Makes me proud to be an SCC graduate. I congratulate the authors on their enormous devotion to making it happen."

Ian McLeod


"It is stunning, the detail is unbelievable, 100s of photos. A very important and necessary tome for chiro history and for the sentimental of us."