John Cice

Dr John Cice


Upon graduating from The Sydney College of Chiropractic in 1983, John began working at Devereaux Clinic in Auburn, NSW. Soon after he began sole practise working at three clinics in Sydney and has since continued for the next 35 years employing a number of enthusiastic chiropractic graduates from Macquarie University.

Besides clinical work, John developed an interest in the history of the Sydney College and realised its role in the development of the profession in Australia. In 2004-2005 as chair of the History Committee on Sydney College of Chiropractic Council, he produced two pictorial posters covering landmarks and graduates of the SCC since its inception. His desire to deliver the 'Australian story' led him to engage with Drs Ed Devereaux and Brian O’Reilly to form the ACHES Group. In 2005 he co-presented with Ed Devereaux a paper on the History of the Sydney College of Chiropractic at the World Chiropractic Congress held in Sydney.

By March 2006 a document titled 'History of The Sydney College of Chiropractic' was published in the peer reviewed Chiropractic Journal of Australasia. In 2008 a second paper was published, titled Australian Chiropractic Pioneers: Fred Price.

Working with a team of co-authors has been a rewarding experience particularly with those who had lived through a major part of the establishment phase of the profession in Australia. With the passing of Brian and Edwin, John was left to bring to a conclusion and finalise Pathway to a Profession, Chiropractic in Australia on which they were working. Their endearing interest in the History of Chiropractic Education in Australia, particularly Sydney College of Chiropractic is now delivered through this book.